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At VectraFoods we have committed to produce organic and maintain clean and ecofriendly cycle through out the production processes. Our early cultivation operations were focused on producing organic vegetables only. However, the success, response and demand has energised the entire work force and have now entered into having our own Organic Fodder for Organic Milk and other products.

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What defines a woman better than her assemble! What one sees today is nothing but a huge variety of cloth all styled to beautify what you call the colour of heaven- the women! This year round B&V is all geared up to bring to you the best lawn in town. Aramish is what they call it. Lawn that will stun its audience . Bold new designs, amazing embroidery, the motifs you will fall in love with and what not. So, we decided that this lawn would not just work to make you look stunning but over all on your personality makeover!

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Radio Stations


 RadioActive96FM is Karachi’s only youth station. We are all about the youth done by the youth itself, our programming, our advertisements and our music reflect the Image of the youth.


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